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Flagyl Metronidazole 400mg

Metronidazole price. How much does Flagyl cost?

Metronidazole belongs to a number of medications that are covered by the medical insurance and a national program Medicare. If you have a Metronidazole prescription, you may go to a city pharmacy and buy it at a discount. The medical insurance does not cover a whole cost of Metronidazole, and therefore you should pay a part of the price.

Metronidazole price

But a peculiarity of the medical insurance consists in the fact that a doctor will probably prescribe you expensive Flagyl brand. So, before buying Metronidazole, we recommend you to compare prices and find the cheapest seller.

Brand Flagyl 500 mg is for sale at a cost of $220-240 per 14 tablets in the city pharmacies. The insurance covers not more than 50% from the cost of Flagyl, and therefore this pack will cost at least $100.

Generic Metronidazole is for sale in the online pharmacies. It is a cheaper analogue which meets the pharmacological properties of Flagyl. The cost of Metronidazole is $8-10 per 14 tablets in the online pharmacy.

Buying Generic Metronidazole online is worth the money even if the medical insurance covers some cost of Flagyl. If Medicare covers 90% of the Flagyl cost, the cost of Generic Metronidazole will be lower in the online pharmacies.

Do I need a prescription for Flagyl?

To buy Flagyl you need a prescription.

Flagyl is a strong antibiotic which is for sale in the pharmacies of the USA and Canada by prescription only. According to the data of the National Toxicology Program in the USA (NTP), the incorrect choice of the Metronidazole dose may harm the body. Metronidazole kills the pathogenic organisms. It copes with severe infectious diseases such as Trichomoniasis, Giardiasis, C. difficile colitis, and others.

Prescription  for Flagyl (Metronidazole)

The treatment of those diseases needs a medical control. A patient is not able to calculate the required dose of Flagyl and detect a date of the healing. The self-treatment does not meet the safety standards presented by the FDA. 

If you go to the city pharmacy and want to buy Flagyl, a pharmacist will ask for a prescription. If you do not have it, he/she will refer you to a doctor. You should visit a doctor, have a medical examination, and then the doctor will send a prescription to the pharmacy or give it to you.

A pharmacist is not allowed selling Flagyl without prescription because a fine will be provided. If the fact of selling the tablets to people without prescription is detected, the pharmacy license will be revoked.

If you accidentally lost your Flagyl prescription, you have to go to a hospital again. If your doctor does not suspect a deception, a prescription will be given again according to the earlier clinical evidence.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) prescription. What is it?

A medical prescription is a composition of the health-care program implemented by the Ministry of Health and FDA. A prescription is given by a doctor according to the previous medical examination and a diagnosis. None healthcare professional has the right to give a prescription without a confirmed clinical diagnosis in the USA.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) is a prescription drug

The FDA provides a list of medications in the USA that can be for sale without prescription and that need a prescription. Metronidazole (Flagyl) is a prescription drug, and according to the decision of the FDA, it is for sale by prescription only. A reason is a high abuse liability and a high toxicity of the drug during the incorrect administration. According to the clinical studies, the toxic action on the liver is increased if the allowed daily dose of Metronidazole is exceeded by 3 times.

Flagyl is also controlled because this drug belongs to the list of the main medical products according to the WHO. This antimicrobial drug effectively acts on protozoan organisms and anaerobic microorganisms. During the abuse, the pathogenic organisms quickly produce a resistance to Metronidazole. Due to this, the insusceptibility of the infectious diseases to the standard therapy is recorded every year.  

A control of the Flagyl sale is required to reduce the cases of the incorrect administration of the tablets and a reduction of the resistance amount.

Flagyl prescription is given during the doctor’s appointment. A healthcare professional can give you a prescription, and you will go to any pharmacy. But if the drug is compensated by the medical insurance, the prescription is given to a pharmacy. Every medical institution has a list of the pharmacies they work with. As a rule, this prescription is electronic and sent by e-mail. As soon as the prescription is ready, a patient gets a call from the pharmacy and is informed when to take the drug.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) prescription includes:

  • Patient’s full name;
  • Prescription date of issue;
  • Prescription validity;
  • Exact name of a drug (for example, Flagyl 400 mg);
  • Dose;
  • Number of pills;
  • Dosing and scheme of the treatment;
  • What drug may be used instead of the brand name Flagyl;
  • How many times the prescription may be used.  

There is also contacts of a doctor and a hospital where the prescription is given.

Flagyl prescription is an official document, and a patient should be attentive and carefully keep it. If the prescription has expired, a doctor should be visited again.    

Metronidazole without prescription. Where can I buy Metronidazole over the counter?

The USA government is strict with the sale of the prescription drugs, and therefore you will not be able to buy Flagyl without prescription within the territory of the 50 states. But due to the development of the e-commerce industry, you have a chance to get Flagyl without prescription. The development of the online pharmacies has become a great breakthrough on the world pharmaceutical market. They offer cheap Generics and give an opportunity to buy medications without prescription. 

Buy Metronidazole over the counter

The online pharmacies are based in the countries with the neutral government as to Flagyl. They do not obey the internal government of the USA, and therefore they can sell Flagyl without prescription.

The laws of the USA are applied to the legal entity, functioning within the territory of the states. The medication import to the territory of the USA is not prohibited. But according to the law, all packages with the prescription drugs may be opened at the customs service.

Is it legal to buy Flagyl without prescription in the online pharmacy?

The government of many countries including the USA restricts the sale of Flagyl. None official document states that buying Flagyl without prescription is prohibited. So, everybody has the right to order Flagyl on the internet.

According to the resolution of the FDA, a patient should attach a copy of the prescription to the order. Forming the package, the workers of the online pharmacy should put a prescription inside the package just in case of the customs checkup.

Buying Flagyl without prescription in the online pharmacy

If the customs decides to check it, they will explore the package to find a prescription. If the prescription is absent, the package is confiscated till a buyer provides a real prescription. The customs send a request to the address of the delivery and wait for the reply of a buyer within 2-3 weeks. If the reply is not received, the medication is confiscated. But these situations happen seldom, and online pharmacies react quickly to the delay of the package at the customs.

If you got a letter from the customs, you can copy it and send to the pharmacy address where you have bought the drug. The representatives of the site will contact you within 24 hours, and offer two options to solve a problem:

  • Return money for the purchase.
  • Send another package with Flagyl without prescription free of charge.

You should choose the second option. You will receive another package for sure and in time, the chance is 99,9%.

Order Metronidazole over the counter online at any number. If the package is going to be big or contain several packages with the pills, it may be divided into several packages. This way, the package will not cause any suspicions at the customs.  

What is Metronidazole Generic?

Despite a common opinion, Generic medical drugs are not fakes and are biochemical copies of the brand drugs. The real Metronidazole Generic does not differ from brand Flagyl according to the efficacy. Both drugs have a similar amount of the active ingredient Metronidazole. So, the mechanism of the action, contraindications, side effects of these drugs are identical. Metronidazole Generic is produced by the Indian pharmaceutical companies that strictly follow the technological process of the production.  

Metronidazole Generic

A significant difference between Metronidazole Generic and Flagyl is a cost and a presence. The manufacturers of Generic drugs do not have the right to use the branded design of the package and a trade name Flagyl. Therefore the package of Metronidazole Generic will always differ.

So, the only difference is a price. The manufacturers of Generics do not invest money into the long-term clinical studies. They use already known and studied molecular formula of Metronidazole. They also do not invest into the marketing because Metronidazole is known all over the world. It has a positive effect on the retail price of Metronidazole Generic, and therefore the analogue will be always cheaper by 3-4 times than the original drug.

How to buy cheap Flagyl 200mg or 400mg pills online?

A well-organized logistic system for the prescription medications has allowed the internet pharmacies to take a stable position on the pharmaceutical market. We have always said that it is very convenient to buy Flagyl in the online pharmacies because a prescription is not needed.

Order cheap Flagyl 200mg or 400mg online

But the online pharmacies have other benefits: 

  • 24/7 order;
  • Low prices;
  • Free pharmacist’s consultation;
  • Worldwide shipment;
  • 100% confidentiality of the personal data.

We have mentioned at the beginning of this article how prices of Flagyl 200 mg/400 mg are formed. Therefore if you want to buy cheap Flagyl, you can definitely use the online pharmacy.

Ordering cheap Flagyl online is very simple:

  • Find Flagyl or Generic Metronidazole on the website of the pharmacy;
  • Choose a dose of 200 mg or 400 mg;
  • Add the number of tablets you want to the shopping cart;
  • Click on Shopping Cart and place an order;
  • Enter your contacts and address for the delivery of cheap Flagyl;
  • Choose a method of shipment and payment;
  • Click on Pay for the order.  

As soon as your order is paid by a credit card, it will be processed. All orders are processed within 24 hours. But it usually takes less time. You will receive email as soon as the order is processed and sent.

If you chose a courier shipment, the letter will contain a track number of the package. If you prefer the standard shipment, the letter will have information indicating the approximate dates of the arriving of the package to your city.

Ordering cheap Flagyl online is very simple and anonimous

To buy cheap Flagyl online, a credit card is needed. Some online pharmacies give a possibility to make a bank transfer or use Bitcoin. But the payment by funds of a card is the safest. Buying Flagyl 200 mg or 400 mg online is anonymous. The package contains the address of the shipment and initials of a recipient. It does not say what is inside the package. 

If you want to buy cheap Flagyl online but you have faced problems, use a free help of the customer support. You may use live-chat, email, or phone number indicated on the site. You can ask any questions about payment and shipment, and ask for a help to correctly fill out the order of Falgyl online.

If you do not know what dose of Flagyl to choose and you need a help of a pharmacist, contact a permanent pharmacist of the pharmacy. He/she will tell what is the difference between Flagyl 200 mg and Flagyl 400 mg, and tell what dose is needed for your diagnosis.

Important information! We earnestly ask you to consult a doctor before buying Flagyl online. A pharmacist of the online pharmacy is not able to make a diagnosis and give the proper recommendations. He/she will give general information about the methods of the treatment of your disease and about the methods to take Flagyl. The self-treatment may worsen your condition. Go to a doctor and get personal recommendations. And then you will be able to buy cheap Flagyl online in the dose that works exactly for you. 

Metronidazole (Flagyl) Cost without Insurance

“The medicine cannot be free in the USA. Buying an insurance insures you against the desolation.”

This statement is common among the citizens of the USA. Buying a medical insurance does not guarantee you free medications. Good, expensive insurances may cover 50-60% from the drug cost. But you will have to pay $5000-15000 per year for the whole family in order to have this insurance. But even in case of this option, a cost of Flagyl will be rather high. But it is better than without the insurance.

Metronidazole (Flagyl) cost without medical insurance

We have conducted a small investigation and detected that a cost of Flagyl without the medical insurance is $8-9 per pill. You will pay this cost even if you have a cheap insurance and it does not cover all expenses on the treatment. Now add the services of a doctor to this price. As a result, a cost of Flagyl without the insurance will cost $500-600 per pack with 50 tablets. This cost of the drug is overweighed and unreasonable, and just some people may allow buying Flagyl without insurance in the city pharmacies. 

So, if you do not have a medical insurance, do not even try to go to a city pharmacy. The best option is to order Metronidazole online at a cost of $0,8-1,2 per tablet. Buying Metronidazole online, a medical insurance, a prescription, and other medical papers are not needed. A cost of Metronidazole online is not increased, if a person does not have the insurance. You should just pay for the doctor’s appointment. But as you can save on buying Metronidazole online, the treatment will be by 4-5 times cheaper.

A medical insurance really insures you against the financial crisis. But even if you do not have it, do not be upset. You can always make the order of the cheap Metronidazole on the internet and save money.

Author: Dr. Eddie Louie , Infectious Diseases & Immunology, Internal Medicine, Phone: (212) 682-9202